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WOP Dubai - World of Perishables

International Perishables Expo Middle East

WOP Dubai - World of Perishables
Admission for:
Main Product Groups:
Date 2022 TBC
Dubai, UAE
Dubai World Trade Center




Fresh Products
Goods Safety
Technical Equipment
Transport Services

WOP - World of Perishables is the first exhibition dedicated to fresh products in the global trade and logistic hub of the future - Dubai. WOP will be the marketplace for the increasing trade and demand of technology, packing and logistics to handle perishables. Comparing to other regulated regions as the EU, the liberal and open trade policy of Dubai for fruit and vegetables has created a very dynamic and highly competitive market for all kind of perishables. Exhibitors of WOP are invited to offer solutions to exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers.

Official Participations:

Joint Company Exhibition of the Federal Republic of Germany (German Pavilion)

Tarek Sibai

Project Manager

Tel.: +971 4 33145-70

Fax: +971 4 33145-80

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